Chalk Coffeehouse will open July 28, 2015

Warriors Group Inc Operation Shield needs your support, donate funds to help us build housing for homeless veterans. We are planing a few fund raising event to help raise funds to build our first 50 studio apartments to house much deserve combat veterans. Warriors Group Inc have many support group programs to help returning soldiers with their transition. within the next week Warriors Group Inc will develop a donation button on this site for online donations, or you can mail in your donation at our contact mailing address.


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10 mile Warriors Run

Warriors Group Inc. will have its first annual 10 mile Warriors Run in Southlake, Texas November 14th & 15th 2015.

Coming Soon

Chalk Coffee & Wine House on Southlake BLVD

Warriors Magazine

CMA Youth Services Programs

Red Box Project

Join the Warriors Club

membership requirements; must be an Active member of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve or National Guard Members, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, School Teachers or Honorable Discharge Veterans.

Drop us a email at and we will forward you a membership package. make sure in the email you state "Warriors Club"

Warriors Group Inc is a non-profit veterans' advocacy group whose driving force is empowering our American veterans to fully and successfully re-enter (the) civilian workforce/ society. We support our American heroes by creating programs and transitional services such as career counseling, job placement, housing and support groups for those service members who have endured the hardships of deployment or the sacrifices that being a service member entail and providing the tools necessary to accomplish that task during their time of transitional need. Warriors Group strives to create self- sustaining, economically prudent programs that ensure every donated dollar is maximized in its benefit to our service members.

Warriors Group Inc


Warriors Group Inc. Serve all branches of the military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard

Chalk Coffee & Wine House is a Warriors Group Inc company. It will employ 60% veterans and 40% of its profits will support  housing homeless veterans

located at 621 E. Southlake Blvd Suite 100, Southlake Texas 76092

CALL US  +1.8177146674
We guarantee effective, aggressive well train team members and support 

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